Not All Protein is Created Equal April 23, 2024 14:12

Processing hay, be it baled, pelleted or fermented like Chaffhaye, will damage some protein. This damage is normally the result of heating. Heat reacts with carbohydrates to form an indigestible complex. This nutrient is lost for good. Our independent lab routinely tests Chaffhaye for this heat-damaged protein. With Chaffhaye, our long-term average is 1.2%, meaning 1.2% of the total crude protein is damaged. The number for baled hay as reported by Dairy One, our independent lab, is 1.45%. For alfalfa pellets, this number is 1.5%. That means Chaffhaye has about a 20% reduction in heat damaged protein when compared with baled alfalfa or pellets. Just another reason Chaffhaye is nutritionally superior.