Why Dell City, TX? April 23, 2024 14:08

We are often asked why the Chaffhaye facilities are located in such a remote corner of West Texas. Without hesitation our response is always- “because we can grow the best alfalfa here”. Now this might come off as a tag line, but it is in fact, the truth. The combination of climate, altitude and space make Dell City, TX one of the premiere alfalfa growing regions in all of the US.

Many times weather plays a factor in the timing of the harvest. The farmer plans to harvest at the optimal time, but rain forces a delay. Fortunately, forage for Chaffhaye is grown in the dry, high desert of West Texas, making delays in our harvest a rare event. In the rare situation of a significant rain delay, which pushes the harvest date past the optimal point, we will bale the hay instead of harvesting it for Chaffhaye. Only the highest quality forage cut at its nutritional peak ends up as Chaffhaye.