4H Show Goat Success - Sedalia, MO April 23, 2024 13:47

Quality small squares of alfalfa hay are so hard to come by in mid-mo. I’ve known about Chaffhaye for years but there was never a dealer close enough to make its use feasible. When we heard through the grapevine that Wassam Farm & Fence Supply carried it, just 20 miles from our farm, we headed there right away!

Chaffhaye is exactly what we needed to give the kids 4H show goats that winning edge. It really gave them a nice bloom and the goats always readily consume it, even while traveling. My son Sam’s Saanen wether was the Benton County Grand Champion dairy market wether. My daughter Molly’s La Mancha weather had the Best Rate of Gain. Their junior doe kids showed very well too, with one winning Reserve Grand.

Jill Strozewski
Lincoln, MO

Wassam Farm & Fence Supply LLC
29276 Pony Path Rd
Sedalia, MO