Fallen Oak Farms Nigerian Dwarf Goats - Valrico, FL April 23, 2024 13:44

We’re passionate about inspiring well-being and joy during our farm tours. A large part of our operation is our adorable and loving herd of 20 Nigerian dwarf goats. We may be biased, but we feel they deserve the very best and that’s why we choose to feed them Chaffhaye.

Our goats can be found in national advertisements, brand photos, and on numerous social media platforms. They always look happy and healthy and that is in large part to feeding them Chaffhaye. The feed keeps their rumen healthy, and we all know a healthy goat is a happy goat!

Kidding season is an important time on the farm when we have lots of farm guests. We’re excited to have the small bags of Chaffhaye available so that guests can feed our herd. Those lucky enough to come in for an educational farm tour and take kids back home, always leave our farm with a bag of Chaffhaye and a list of distributors near their homes. Our farm may be unconventional, but the well-being of both our guests and herd is our focus and that’s why we will always choose Chaffhaye.

Living the Goat Life!
Brian & Shelley Fehrenbacher
Fallen Oak Farms LLC
Valrico, Florida