Halter Horse Amino Acids - Artesia, NM April 23, 2024 13:42

When I acquired Tonka a.k.a. "Willy Good Potential," his coat and mane were not the quality you would expect of a halter horse. As a former World Show level 2 Hunter Under Saddle finalist, I know what it takes to become a show champion and knew I had to find the right supplement to help Tonka reach those lofty standards. Once introduced to POWER+ Probiotics, I quickly added it into Tonks’ feeding regimen. I soon started to notice improvements in his coat and mane, a reduction in skin irritations, and an increase in his mental focus. I truly believe the combination of amino acids and probiotics in POWER+ helped to relieve his overall stress and subsequently aided in making him a GREAT show horse.

I am a strong believer that providing your horse with the right supplement can be a game-changer. The leg-up POWER+ provided to my Tonks was a major factor in a very successful 2021 AQHA World Show. Showing in five performance classes within 8 days can be stressful for any horse and Tonka made it through with flying colors. Yes, POWER+ will be my supplement from here on out to help keep my horse healthy and to give him a competitive edge.

Phillip "Cory" Middleton
PCM Quarter Horses

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