High Uinta Pack Goats - Evanston, WY April 23, 2024 13:45

We have been using Chaffhaye since about 1995 when I decided it was too much work to load bailed hay from the field into the barn so it could stay dry. On top of all the loading and unloading, I also had to deal with cleaning up wasted hay the goats did not eat from their feeders or tossed around in their eating area. Then there’s the issues of hay fever and dust from bailed hay.

We currently have 32 pack goats (all neutered males) we use as pack animals each weighing up to 280 pounds. Our goats get one 50-pound bag per day (one scoop in each of the 26 feeders plus they have 35 acres of pasture to browse on. In the winter, when it gets down to -30 degrees, they get two feedings a day with added pellets & beet pulp. Chaffhaye does not freeze, but it’s hard to work with when it gets that cold. So, I keep about six bags in the garage to keep warm and bring one in after each feeding. Since we started feeding Chaffhaye, we have NO more wasted feed and NO more parasite problems. Also, if your animals have bad teeth, the easier to chew Chaffhaye will help them gain weight.

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