OTTB Rescues - Stillwater, OK April 23, 2024 13:43

I adopted two OTTB’s from Horse and Hound Rescue Foundation in Guthrie Oklahoma and they have turned out to be great horses for our family. One of the horses was allergic to regular alfalfa hay so I decided to give Chaffhaye a try, and he hasn’t coughed since. Both horses, Red and Cowboy, really love Chaffhaye. I believe it keeps them feeling good and helps their stomach. They ride well and are always calm and love people. We even show them locally.

I also like to let them get a few bites out of the Chaffhaye bag for training and desensitization to show them plastic won’t hurt you.

Norman Smith
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Horse and Hound Rescue Foundation
2350 S. Midwest Blvd.
Guthrie, OK 73044