Senior Horse is Better with Age - Fort Smith, AR April 23, 2024 13:40

Pony is 23 years old this year and I’ve been running him for going on 6 years. Some of the many accomplishments he has had in these last 6 years in barrel racing are two-time CPRA top 5, two-time NIRA Central Plains Region top 10, American Semifinals qualifier, three-time CRRA top 5, CRRA reserve champion, CRRA horse of the year, two-time ARA reserve champion, two-time ACRA top 15, along with multiple 1D wins and new arena records.

When I first got Pony, I struggled a lot with his gut health. He was ulcer prone and very sensitive to environmental changes making hauling and rodeoing difficult on him and me both. He would go a whole weekend with only eating maybe one flake of hay and never touching his grain. This was stressful not only for him but for me also. Once I started Pony on Chaffhaye alfalfa everything turned around. He was eating better, looking healthier, and performing better but most importantly he was a happier horse! I feed Pony free choice Chaffhaye alfalfa allowing him to eat at his own pace and as his gut needs it to keep it calm and happy. A huge thank you to Chaffhaye for being one of the many key elements of Pony’s success!

Shelby HIcks & Pony
Riverside Equine Fitness & Conditioning