World Champion Pony - Lamar, CO April 23, 2024 13:48

Initially, I had purchased some goats and the seller raved about Chaffhaye. I started doing my own research and discovered all the benefits Chaffhaye also had for horses. I was starting to show my two-year-old and he was having some trouble putting weight on and keeping it on, so I started using Chaffhaye and it has made him blossom! I use it as a top dressing on his grain twice a day and within a week I could see a remarkable difference! We recently traveled to the Rocky Mountain Regional and West World POA Show in Colorado, and JNJ Skip The Black Jack came home a WORLD CHAMPION! We attended a Mid America Regional show just one month before and did not do as well, and the added Chaffhaye is the only change that I made! I've also noticed that while using Chaffhaye, after hauling several hours, my horse doesn't get the colic-like symptoms he often had when we traveled. Thank you so much for your dedication to improving the health of animals

Amanda Conner
Sedgwick, KA