Z & K Farms Goats & Chickens - Slinger, WI April 23, 2024 13:47

Here at Z&K Farms in Slinger, Wisconsin we raise Nigerian dwarf goats and free-range chickens. A few months ago, we introduced Chaffhaye to our mini-farm, and what a game-changer it has been. Our goat hay waste has gone from multiple wheelbarrows per week to zero with Chaffhaye. That not only saves us the clean-up time and effort but also money. The goat’s coat has become thicker and shinier and their hooves harder. Their milk production and quality have also increased tremendously. We knew the goats loved it but were surprised to find out our pasture-raised chickens loved it as well. We now feed them a Chaffhaye snack daily. Not only have their feathers become shinier, but we noticed thicker shells, better coloring, and a more nutritious egg! Chaffhaye has changed the way we feed our animals. We highly recommend Chaffhaye to anyone wanting to improve animal health and promote less waste.

Zach Brown
Z&K Farms
Slinger, WI 53086