BOGO Power+ and Rejuvenate+

$ 87.99 $ 109.98

Buy 1 Power+ and Get 1 Rejuvenate+ Free!

Boost your horse's health and fitness with Power+ and Rejuvenate+. Power+ for equines is a 100% natural dietary supplement of 9 amino acids plus probiotics with no added fillers or sweeteners.  Power+ boosts muscle relief & recovery, accelerates soft tissue repair, aids digestion, promotes strong hooves, supports bone & joint wellness, maintains skin & coat health, and enhances focus & responsiveness. 

Rejuvenate+ is an equine oral paste that can be used on all ages of horses to assist in the care of scours, diarrhea and other digestive issues. Made with microencapsulated beneficial bacteria that remain viable in the digestive tract, digestive enzymes, and specialized proteins, Rejuvenate+ supports your horse's digestive and immune health.  Ensure your horse performs and feels its best by taking advantage of this special offer!

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