Chaffhaye For Deer & Exotics

There are a variety of interests in promoting healthy deer and elk populations. These interests include promoting wildlife preservation and welfare, increasing enjoyment of ownership and maximizing profitability of quality stock for venison, antlers, and hunting. Regardless of the objective, the greatest barrier to the development of healthy herds is a lack of quality nutrition. In fact, most experts consider malnutrition as the most common disease among antlered herds. Malnutrition is especially acute during late winter and early spring when many herds become overwhelmed by extreme habitat change, forage quality fluctuation, and high mortality.

The Solution? Feeding Chaffhaye Alfalfa as the foundation of any highly nutritious feeding program. For antlered animals, Chaffhaye Alfalfa represents a viable feed solution with its balance of digestible fiber, high-quality protein, energy and essential vitamins and minerals.

Feed 2 to 2.5 pounds of Chaffhaye Alfalfa daily for every hundred (100) pounds of animal body weight.