Chaffhaye For Goats

There are unique biological aspects to Chaffhaye that exert health and physiological benefits beyond the nutrition of the forage itself. Chaffhaye undergoes an all natural fermentation process in the package that enlivens it with yeast, enzymes, and beneficial microflora.

Chaffhaye’s beneficial microflora, or fiber-digesting bacteria, closely resembles those found in the early fiber-digestion process in the rumen of ruminants. In essence, Chaffhaye “predigests” the forage in the bag. Once consumed, more of its nutrients can be assimilated (absorbed ) in the body, leading to greater nutritional benefit.

After only 1 month my daily milk volume increased by 1/4. I really noticed my goat’s coats, eyes, and muscles tone had improved by February 2014. At every show I attended people would stop and ask, “Is that Chaffhaye, where can I get it?” I shared any info I had and they loved the condition of my goats. I strongly recommend Chaffhaye for its superior quality, packaging, nutritional benefits and the overall health & general appearance of my goats. - TLC FARMS (Tanya Cook- Lithia, FL -

Goat Tip #1: Wash your hands with toothpaste to remove "buck" smell after handling your herd.

Goat Tip #2: Treat your girls to a handful of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (BOSS). They are a great source of vitamin E, Zinc, Iron, Selenium and healthy fats.