Chaffhaye For Horses

In feeding our own horses and livestock and from speaking with thousands of horse owners over the years, we have found that most horses will go to Chaffhaye immediately. Because it is their basic nature to be suspicious of any new feed, some horses might need assistance getting started on Chaffhaye. Any change of feed, including a change to Chaffhaye, should be introduced gradually over a week to minimize the possibility of digestive upsets. Once you have successfully introduced Chaffhaye, look out! Your horse won’t want anything else.

Chaffhaye for Equine

  • Fuel your Athlete: Loaded with nutrients and energy to maximize their full potential.
  • No “Hay Belly”: Less intestinal fill means a better fitting saddle and a better performing athlete
  • Stress Reduction: Natural probiotics maintain an optimal digestive pH, eliminating ailments from stress and hauling
  • Dust & Airborne Mold-spore Free Guaranteed! Whether competing at the highest level or pleasure riding, breathing issues should be the last thing on you or your animal's mind.
  • Convenient Packaging: Compact with No Mess and No Waste. Chaffhaye is perfect for the road.

How an animal's digestive system utilizes given feed is called their biological response. Studies involving horses have shown a significantly higher biological response to fermented products like Chaffhaye. A higher biological response means your horse is getting more nutrients out of their forage. The “pre-digestion” inside the bag allows the horse to absorb more nutrients in the foregut with less spillover to the hindgut.

With Chaffhaye you will notice reduced manure and very little undigested plant matter. With a bit of examination, one can quickly conclude that a higher level of nutrient absorption occurs with Chaffhaye than with baled hay.